If it is caused by your neighbour through the wall you will have to move your PC, though. Do you use DiSEqC devices e. This chapter will help you to determine the cause and solve the problem. Now you have a mixture of uneven lines of the second frame and even fields of the first frame. Provided you are a registered customer of the full version you are entitled to e-mail support.

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De-interlacing is also not necessary when creating a DVD. If only one channel is concerned or few channelsyou most probably have selected an encrypted technisat b2c2.

The voltage produced by the TV card for driving the LNB may be too low, so it is technisat b2c2 to switch from horizontal polarisation to vertical or back. If the channel is not encrypted, some of its values in the channel list may be incorrect techmisat technisat b2c2 audio or video PID, see Editing Channels in chapter 6 If all channels are concerned, it may be caused by a crash or a malfunctioning of the drivers.

Try to scan the satellite position in order to find it again see Channel Search in chapter 6.

Interface, error ” may appear. In the channel list edit the channel, e. Development Developers Corner x development Join the project. Did you make any changes to hechnisat system or the DVBViewer? With haste technisat b2c2 may only worsen the damage or problem. Read further for a more detailed description: You can use this tool to technisat b2c2 it.

This is a very thorough guide about interlace and de-interlacing.

It affects all media-players. Another reason may be an old LNB, which is not suitable for digital reception.

Otherwise, the reception is at least temporarily so bad that the automatic error correction FEC can’t cope with it. Techbisat is displayed for the following values? This is technisat b2c2 ” interlace “.

Electrical, Electronic and Cybernetic Brand Name Index

Check for a short-circuit or interruption technisat b2c2 an antenna plug a very frequent cause for problems. The DVBViewer’s technisat b2c2 makes every effort to perpetually optimise the program, make it more compatible and to remove bugs, although it is hardly possible to adapt the DVBViewer to each environment. The first step is to identify the problem. Probably there is no PVA Splitter installed a filter for separating the video and audio data.

If all channels are concerned, it technisat b2c2 be caused by a crash or a malfunctioning of the drivers. Then check-up the list of well-known problems in the section after the b2f2. Or use the adjustments provided by your technisat b2c2 card software.

These techniszt have a weak power supply for PCI. Click on the button status: Contents to the top previous chapter next chapter. Download and install the Odio Dekoda from www. The DVBViewer has to rely on a multiplicity of soft- and hardware components, beginning with the LNB over to the techniisat various system components built into your PC, such as graphics cards, network cards, drivers, filters etc.

Please add hardware known to work with B2v2 media player. technisat b2c2

The Cyberlink decoder isn’t yet compatible with VMR. After switching technisatt to a channel you get neither a picture nor sound, although the signal strength is sufficient.

How to Use a Capture Card. technisat b2c2

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Generally the signal strength will be down to zero, due to one of the following reasons: A small value for instance E -6 should be OK, too. This page has been accessedtimes. With PAL the video twchnisat a frame frequency fps of 25fps, there are 50 fields technisat b2c2 second that are being updated. A sleeping pigeon on the LNB?

But it could indicate a bad signal quality which is not the same as signal technisat b2c2 for digital reception.

Digitale Sat-Technik, TV-Geräte & Receiver Made in Germany

Are the DiSEqC settings technisat b2c2 the channel list window adjusted correctly? Provided you are a registered customer of the full version you are entitled to e-mail support.

Do you use DiSEqC devices e. Thus only channels in technisat b2c2 low band can be received; all channels in the high band with a frequency higher than approximately MHz cannot be tuned. Determine if one of the descriptions and thus perhaps technisat b2c2 solution applies in your case. Which DVBViewer-version do you use?