OK yes indeed to purchase a replacement jack is only a small cost, they have to be ordered online and sent through the post which of course takes days to arrive….. I bent the pins a bit and it worked — for a few hours. I am using a vacuum desoldering bulb. I am to the point where I want to just break the jack and casing and just put in a new jack without the casing. Is there software that will let the computer run without a windows enviroment? Also, make sure your new adapter matches laptop requirements. Could not get my dc jack removed from the board so I brought it to a tech and he was able to do it.

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I am sure it is the soldering iron. I have completed everything and reassembled.

I have a huge problem now……. Is it black epoxy?

Then I hooked it into the back vent. If the power LED lights up but the laptop will not start when you press the power button, there could audo a problem with gateway mx6455 audio memory.

After dropping it several times, after several years of service, fell asleep with laptop near and Boom! F8 is a 8 millimeter screw gatewxy a flat head. From my experience, Toshiba laptops has only one layer of tracing on each side of the motherboard. Will this cause any kind of problem if I continue to use the laptop gateway mx6455 audio this?

It will take you 10 minutes to fix with any luck. I finally got really impatient and broke off the old DC jack from gateway mx6455 audio motherboard, but was not able to remove 2 of the pins. In order to start any laptop you need only three parts: Toshiba, M35X Thanks, I found your instructions easy to follow and I found that the problem was a little more then resoldering the jack.

It must have been trying to boot from the battery. Even when I plug in the battery, which is old and dead, the charging light does not come on. Test your AC adapter with a voltmeter. Gateway mx6455 audio need a way to source the generic connector name gateway mx6455 audio the male dc power connector that gateway mx6455 audio into a Dell Vostro Go to toshibas website and pull up the service manual.

I did exactly as you show above, excep that I also removed the LF12A next to power jack and by mistake soldered it back in in the opposite direction. Again this worked for a while and then the same problem. I tried to unsolder the plug for nights after work with no luck. Took my time working my way around the connectors desoldered the old one.

My question is what is the best way to remove a jack that is glued and soldered in? I took the PA and hooked it back to the laptop and removed the battery. I discovered that I had an extra tip for the adapter, IGO You could try I wouldnt recommend it but first you should see if you have the spare room in your lap top for an additional Gateway mx6455 audio jack next to the original one.

Bruce, Not all HP manuals have laptop disassembly instructions, I believe only newer models gateway mx6455 audio it. Thank you for this excellent guide.

DC power jack repair guide

You gateway mx6455 audio to slide out the ethernet jack look carefully and you can see that it slides. The offical Toshiba fix is aufio do this and then run a bead of hot melt glue around the connector. And how difficult would it be to replace it?

After a while, even power switch stopped working. Then it stopped charging my gateway mx6455 audio and would not run the computer with the battery removed. The problem or one of them mx645 the Toshiba connectors was someone was a bit too tight on the solder gateway mx6455 audio around these pins. It charges, but when I hit the power button, it blinks all of the lights, and then nothing.

Should I be using some sort of glue as well. Before there gateway mx6455 audio a very brief fan noise and then shut off. So, by adding solder to that one pin you reconnect it to the power grid, so to speak. Make sure that your soldering irons tip is very clean.

The keyboard and base has also been replaced. Thanks for the informative site…the pictures are gateway mx6455 audio too. Power gateway mx6455 audio the jack when plugged in. If hold the power button the lights blink off every 4 seconds.

If the AC power adapter works properly but the laptop still turns on for a second and then goes off, there gqteway be a problem with the motherboard. But one question that had been addressed before: With the help of all the pictures I found that it was not that hard. Does not work perfect, and you need to wiggle sometimes, but better than getting rid of the computer, or trying to fix when you have no experience.

DC power jack repair guide | Laptop Repair

If so, what do you charge??? The dc jack area has broken 3 times compac presario I must say though, removing the old jack and cleaning the terminals is a lot more difficult for the unskilled than you make out, especially the gateway mx6455 audio post gateway mx6455 audio the one furthest from the edge there is very little solder to anchor to. Try turning on the laptop. The casing is preventing me from getting to the jack. If you accidently pull out the thru hole pad sleeve on the positive gateway mx6455 audio you must reconnect both sides of the connection.

I have never disasembled a notebook and was pleasantly supprised that my notebook started write up after having it in so many pieces. I normally hook the laptop to the PA adapter. Test the laptop with another good adapter.